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To come from your home country to the start of Epirus MTB Challenge there are several option, depending on you location and you Assistance Plans.

Here are some general hints you can use.

1 - If you are alone or with a small group of friends, you can come by airplane from your nearest airport to Ioannina. Usually all airlines go first to Athens and from there you can book the local Aegean Airlines to come to Ioannina.

From the Ioannina Airport the hotel is located 14 km away and you can come by taxi there.

In the end of the tour you book a flight from Dubrovnik to your home.

From last hotel the Dubrovnik airport is just 5 km away.

You can transport your bike in the airplane, but have to check logistics and prices.

2 - If you want to come by van with some friends, you have to come by land through Balkans up to Ioannina or second option is through Italy down to Ancona and take the ferry to Igoumenitsa.

Also from the finish in Dubrovnik you can continue the road to home.

For this option of course you need a driver to drive your van from city to city.

3 - If you have a Service Team or are attached to e service team is a convenient way for you to enjoy the Epirus MTB Tour. The Assistance Team brings your bicycle to the start and take it back home from the finish. The rider just come in airplane to Ioannina and the team brings all his clothes, bags and stuff to the start. The Team also transports every day you bags from hotel to hotel and make every evening the needed service for you bicycle.

4 - If you want to use only the Bicycle Transport Service offered from EAO Team, just make contact with EAO and they will bring you bike and materials from Antwerp to Ioannina and back to Antwerp from Dubrovnik. 

The rider just take the airplane to Ioannina and back home from Dubrovnik.

Also there are other options and if you have any more questions you can write directly email to: and we will help you as soon a possible.

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