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Epirus Mountain Bike Challenge

is an outdoor sport event where personal injury is always possible.


Everyone who takes part in Epirus MTB Challenge is obliged to take out

travel and repatriation insurance. 

Since the different stages go through different countries, it is not

self-evident to quickly find the right medical help.

The chance of a fall is certainly not excluded during this challenge.

Often people are exhausted after a few days and this takes its toll. 

Usually this is resolved with some rest, but in case of persistent malaise or after a serious fall resulting in fractures or bleeding, local hospitals or medical facilities in these countries are often not able to provide appropriate medical care unless you are in big cities and private hospitals

Acknowledging that in private hospitals the service everywhere is mostly very good, we anyway suggest that the best for you is to be repatriated to your home country for a more accurate medical intervention from your trusted doctors, discuss with doctors in your own language and near your home town and family.  

Of course in every country we travel there are good private hospitals

but without insurance, this costs fortunes and a lot of valuable time.

Good insurance can quickly keep your costs to a minimum. 

For more questions about assistance insurance, you can always

contact your health insurance or insurance broker for travel insurance and repatriated details from the countries Epirus MTB Challenge takes place.


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