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ROUTE 2024


The revolutionary idea of"Epirus MTB 2024"
is to divide the daily ride in different Section Options
to satisfy all the level skills, ages and physical training of all participants.

The start and finish will be always in the same Hotel/Bivouac.

Day Option 1 - Track A
Will be the main track of the day and the standard for every rider.

Day Option 2 - Track X
The track will follow the Tracks A and on it there are some Option routes for the riders who want to test themself in more long and tough sections.

Day Option 3 - Track B
The Track A will be cut at Pit Stop point
and this Option will connect to the main track from shortest asphalt roads.

All these Options and combinations of them will be marked
by segments and letters on the main map and will be explained every night in the briefing. 

Ps. the distance kilometers on the calendar below are based on the Track A.


Calndr Anchor


20 April, (Saturday)
Arriving Day; Paperwork and Technical Check.
(12:00-20:00) Paperwork and bike controls

21 April, (Sunday)
Riding Day 1 (73-120 km)
Berat (AL) - Përmet (AL)

22 April, (Monday)
Riding Day 2 (85-125 km)
Përmet (AL) - Konitsa (GR)

23 April, (Tuesday)
Riding Day 3 (73-116 km)
Konitsa (GR) - Kastoria (GR)

24 April, (Wednesday)
Riding Day 4 (50-89 km)
Kastoria (GR) - Plati (GR)

25 April, (Thursday)
Driving Day 5 (73-84 km)
Plati (GR) - Prespa (NMK)

26 April, (Friday)
Driving Day 6 (52-88 km)
Prespa (NMK) - Struga (NMK)

27 April, (Saturday)
Driving Day 7 (87-98 km)
Struga (NMK) - Tiranë (AL)

28 April, (Sunday)
Departure Day


Ps. Route details and cities may change slightly after the final track check in March 2024.


Daily Route Details

Discover in the links below track details day by day.

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