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Bicycle Transport

The transport of the bicycle to the start of Epirus MTB Challenge and bring it back home can be a tricky logistic to organize.

- You can find you personal way to transport your bicycle by airplane or by Service Team or use our partner Transport Service.

Transport Service is offered from Benelux area.
It is an offer to transport your bike and cases or luggage

from Antwerp to Tirana and back in Antwerp again.

(with EAO TEAM)

- The bicycles need to be assembled in a standard carton bicycle box.

- The luggage maximum are two pieces and no more than 25 kg each. 

Participants who want this service have to bring their bicycles 

and luggage's by themselves into to the loading location:


Molenakkerstraat 32.

Post Code 2990.

Loenhout, Antwerp


The Cost of this transport is: 300 Euro

(limited places !)


Contacts for the service:


Martin Fontyn


Telephone: 0032 48 763 8060

For any other question on this issue you can write email to Organization in:

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