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Methods of riding the route

The route of Epirus Mountain Bike Challenge,

can be ridden in group or individual.

Anyway we prefer that the minimum to be two riders driving together.

There will be a starting window of 30 minutes in the morning within

this window you have to start your day.

The method of navigation during the day will be only by GPS Track.

The route is not marked on the terrain.  

Every participant is mandatory to have their own GPS navigation device.

Organization will upload in your device all the tracks

or the day with all the information on it.

The format used will be GPX or GDB.

You can use a Standard GPS or a Smartphone for the navigation.

Standard GPS must have a minimum reading

track log of 5.000 points capability.

An USB connection from the device is required.

Garmin devices are the best and most safe to use.

If you have another brand or GPS, please bring your

connection cable with you. 

Ps. take care or spare batteries with you or a Power-bank mounted on your bike.


If you will use a Smartphone, Android is preferred over iPhone.

The tracks will be sent by email to the participants with Smartphone.

Ps. Navigation with Smartphones is much easier than with standard GPS,

but the phone battery is usually consumed fast by the Navigation Apps.

Take measures to install in your bike a Power-bank to change the Smartphone.

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