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Typology and Advices

All type of Mountain Bikes are allowed in Epirus MTB Challenge.

You choice can fall in one of the following classes:

1- HardTail Bike

2- Full Suspension Bike

3- Electric Bike

1. Hardtail Bike is a preferred choice if you are an athletic oriented rider.

It is light and fast but it will fill more the terrain and in stony conditions it will be hard for your hands and body. We recommend this choice for more experienced riders.

The frame material is important and in Epirus trails and roads we recommend Carbon or Chrome Molybdenum frames and not the aluminum ones.

2. A Full Suspension Bike should be the "mass choice" in the Epirus Mountains. These are not as lightweight as the HardTail bikes but offer a good level of comfort. The modern FS Bikes offers good frames and many options on suspension settings.

3. Electric Mountain Bikes

The choice of every age :-)

E-Mountain Bikes amplify your pedaling power while amplifying the amount of fun you'll have on the trail.

The e-bikes let you enjoy more of everything that makes mountain biking great and fun.

If you have a spare battery, you can charge it in full during the night and the Organization

will bring it to the refresh meeting point during the day ride.

Ps. All the opinions above are personal of the Orga and

in the end it is the rider who knows what is the best choice for him or her.

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