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Assistance Plans

To participate in "Epirus Mountain Bike Challenge 2024",

you can choose different types of Assistances.

It is up to you and your budget plans to decide the right one for you.

1. Basic Plan

There is no additional cost if you choose the Basic Plan.

It the service of this plan are included the following assets:

- Assistance advice for the participants on how to arrive at Tirana first bivouac.

(flight connection advices, transport advices from airport to the first bivouac)

-  Your place for bicycle and your luggage on the parking space.

- Closed and custodited parking of your bicycle.

- General Mechanical Service availability, (personal extra cost on request).

- Transport of your luggage and cases from hotel to hotel

(Maximum per rider is two pieces, max 30 kg per piece, box or luggage).  

- Transport of your damaged bicycle from track to the next hotel.

- Use of  Mechanical Service Area.

- Transport of the rider and his bike in the liaison sections of the day.

2. Your Own Team

If you choose to create your Own Team of friends it may be the best choice for your comfort and pleasure.

Being part of a team makes your life easier.

Personal Team can be organized with you friends and come with

your own car or van and trailer from home and back again.

(you have to transport all you staff, luggage and people

and bicycles from hotel to hotel and in liaison sections).


3. List of Registered Assistance Teams

- EAO Team - Benelux Area (contact the Team)



Click buttom below
if you want to register you own team
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