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What is

What is

"Epirus Mountain Bike Challenge"?

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Epirus MTB Challenge is a Multi-Day Cross Country Mountain Bike Tour
The Route crosses four nations;
starting from Ioannina in Greece, entering Albania,
continuing to Montenegro and finishing in Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Everyday the route is between 70 - 120 km, and crosses
the most beautiful and undiscovered areas of the Balkan mountains.

The route is panoramic off-road with some parts of single track on it.

All types of Mountain Bikes are allowed in the Challenge, 
including all type of electric bikes.
The track you can ride it in group or individual and navigated
by personal GPS, (track will be uploaded on it by the Organization).

For registration to the "Epirus MTB Challenge
go to "
Book Now" button in the top of the page.

Fast Facts

Riding Days: Seven Total
Distance: 580 km
Navigation: GPS
Vehicles: Moutain Bike / E-Bikes
Day Ride: 70 - 120 Km/Day
Overnight: Best Hotels in Town
Safety: Satellite Tracking
Medical: Track Medical Doctors
Assistance: On-Track Recovery
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Transport: Luggage Transport by Orga
Technical: Bivouac Assistance
Transfers: By Shuttle Bus
Service: Possibility for Service Teams.
Availability: 120 Bikes

The Route of

"Epirus MTB Challenge 2021"


01 October 2020
Opening of the Registration
1 April 2021
Closing of the Registrations
21 May 2021
Option Arriving Day
(This day is out of cost package), in Ioannina Greece.
22 May 2021
Arriving Day; Paperwork and Technical Check.
(10:00-19:00) Paperwork and bike controls.
20:00 Opening dinner
23 May 2021
Riding Day 1 (75 km)
Ioannina (GR) - Ioannina (GR)
24 May 2021
Riding Day 2 (90 km)
Ioannina (GR) - Saranda (AL)
25 May 2021
Riding Day 3 (125 km)
Saranda (AL) - Voskopoja (AL)
26 May 2021
Riding Day 4 (130 km)
Voskopoja (AL) - Tirana (AL)
27 May 2021
Driving Day 5 (90 km)
Tirana (AL) - Kolasin (MN)
28 May 2021
Driving Day 6 (75 km)
Kolasin (MN) - Kolasin (MN)
29 May 2021
Driving Day 7 (95 km)
Kolasin (MN) - Dubrovnik (CR)
30 May 2021
Departure Day


"Epirus MTB Challenge 2021"


Entry Fee

"Epirus MTB Challenge 2021"

Depending on the date of your downpayment
the cost table of Epirus MTB Challenge as below:
Registration period: 
from  01 October 2020 to 31 March 2021
(or when maximum number of 120 vehicles is reached)
To validate the registration you need to pay
the downpayment of 400 Euro.
The rest of the Epirus MTB Entry Fee you can pay it until 1 April 2021.
For one Rider and Bike
First Rate: 1750 Euro
From  01 October 2020  to 31 December 2020
Second Rate: 1950 Euro
From  1 January 2021 to 28 February 2021
Last Minute Rate: 2200 Euro
From  1 March 2021 to 1 May 2021

For Assistant Person

It is possible to participate to Epirus MTB Challenge
as assistant, mechanic or accompanying person.

The cost is as table below

First Rate: 990 euro
Second Rate: 1090 euro
third rate: 1290 euro

For booking details send an email to:



"Epirus MTB Challenge 2021"



"Epirus MTB Challenge 2021"

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